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Vote for August Rotation

The time has come To say fair's fair To place your vote To play our share The time has come A fact's a fact It belongs to the DM Let's give it back How can we play When no one is voting? How do we game While our dice are burning? Voting form More Info

Who is in what game for April Rotation

The One Ring GM: Andy  Andrew W  Graham W Jo F Kat  Will L Traveller  GM: Richard T  Callum   Chris J  Freddie M Helen H Neil  Hard to be the Bard  GM: Mark  David H Lucas M Matt  Richard C  William P  Star Trek Adventures  GM: Liam  Daniel  George  Jon Kasama  Mareen  Simon Hibbs  Star Wars Edge of the Empire  GM: Shaun  Benjamin C Em  Jason  Saif

Vote for your game for April Rotation

 Please vote here for your game for April Rotation Trying a slightly different format on voting, this time you can vote for your first, second and third choices. You can also leave a comment on if you wish to be added to other games. The formula will then try to add you to your first choice where possible, if not then second, if not then third. The Key is to make sure all tables are balanced out and you still get a game you chose.