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Vote for August Rotation

The time has come To say fair's fair To place your vote To play our share The time has come A fact's a fact It belongs to the DM Let's give it back How can we play When no one is voting? How do we game While our dice are burning? Voting form More Info

An Interview with a GM - Richard T

When did you first start playing RPGs and what were they? Probably when i was around 10 with a friend whose father had the old Traveller little black books and Warhammer fantasy roleplay. Also a bit of D&D 4E at university. What was the most memorable part of those sessions? It’s a long time ago now but i think it was a combination of it just being the two of us and the extreme lethality of Warhammer! Why did you start GMing? Lots of reasons! I wanted to play some of the 2D6 games that others weren’t GMing, I love the rules for building sectors and worlds in Traveller (especially combined with some of the Stars Without Number ideas), and because i’ve been at the club for a couple of years now so it felt like it was time to give it a go! How long have you been GMing? This will be my first time other than running a small D&D one shot for a couple of friends. What systems have you GMed? Only D&D 5e before, but i’m looking forward to running some 2D6 systems. What are the pleas

And your selections are.....

The picks are in and you have been sorted into your houses... Last Rite of Seafire - D&D5e Game Master George Jason Jon K Mareen G Saif B Will L William P The Last Hurrah - D&D5e Game Master Helen Daniel Elise Jess M Marco Shaun P Simon H Mix Free League’s the Walking Dead by Game Master Andrew W and Mythical Ancient Greece by Game Master Richard T Carol David H Freddie M Jerrie C Rosie A Port Blacksand - Advanced Fighting Fantasy Game Master Jo Benjamin James W Liam M Neil Richard C Village of Hommlet - OSE Game Master Graham Andy D Chris J Em Kat Mark C

A Goblin’s Guide to Surviving

So you want to be a Goblin, but you don't want to be hunted and despised all your life, have stones or worse thrown at you or be killed on the whim of some other adventure? Here is some guiding steps for survival.... Step 1. The best defence is running away. Step 2. Avoid dark, damp, smelly, enclosed spaces. It maybe tempting to give into your natural instinct to skulk in some cozy cave or sewer somewhere. But in this world, these places are filled with monsters and… blech… eww… adventurers. People and things who won't think twice about skewering and/or possibly eating a lone goblin. Step 3. Move to the big city. The countryside is simply riddled with anti-goblin prejudice. But nobody notices nothing in the bustling byways of Waterdeep or Baldur’s Gate. Keep your nose clean(ish), find honest (or at least inconspicuously dishonest) work, and keep yourself to yourself. With so many other things to care about, nobody will even notice another goblin hanging around. Step 4. Make’m l

Pick a game any game - December Rotation picks are up for your voting

December to March Rotation games are up for your selection Hobbits Hole Roleplaying Club - December to March Rotation Last Rite of Seafire System D&D 5e Game Master George Port Blacksand System: Advanced Fighting Fantasy Game Master Jo F Walking Dead and Swords and Sandals System Free League and 2D6 Game Master Andrew W and Richard T   The Village of Hommlet System Old School Essentials Game Master Graham The Last Hurrah System D&D 5e Game Master Helen

GMs needed

Looking for GMs to pitch their games games for the next run of rotations, so we can look to fill in the blanks. I think so far we potentially have for December 2023 rotation   Last Rite of Seafire by D&D by George  Advanced Fighting Fantasy by Jo  Mix by Andrew W and Richard  Village of Hommlet OSE by Graham   April 2024 rotation  WFRP campaign by Chris          August 2024 Rotation    Hard to Bard by Mark Cunningham         Scared... That's no problem, we can help you work out what you need At core is: 1) the idea and 2) willingness to run one Then its either a pre-cooked campaign, an open world (thinking on the seat of your pants) or a blend of both Some helpful links: Does it need to be D&D No (but does not stop you from running D&D) I am scared I don't know all the rules So what, neither do most players. If really worried then do what I done, Run a system