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The Future

With December to March Rotation locked in now, what does the future bring? December 2023 rotation Last Rite of Seafire D&D by George Advanced Fighting Fantasy by Joe Mix by Andrew W and Richard T Village of Hommlet OSE by Graham The Last Hurrah D&D 5e by Helen Future Rotations WFRP campaign by Chris MG2e Traveller game by Richard T medley of indie story games ("The Indie Dozen") by James Star wars edge of the empire game by Shaun Fading Suns by Mareen Hard to Bard D&D 5e by Mark C ??? by Ben Ravenloft (1983) with OSE/AD&D by Graham Others in the mix but no rotation identified or selected Game Master  Jo F Dark Heresy 2e - Harrlock's Legacy Dredd Mouseguard Forbidden Lands Game Master  Dan C Dark Heresy 2e D&D 5e Game Master Richard T D&D 5e - Wild beyond the Witchlight D&D 5e - Theros System Star Wars - Scum and Villainy Game Master  Richard C D&D 5e - Isle of the dreaded accursed D&D 5e - North Hammer SAGA Game Master  Mark C Era: Ch

Interview with a GM - Richard

So to continue in the theme of interviewing each GM, we have up next Richard. When did you first start playing RPGs and what were they? Started with Live Role play when i was 14 i think and played for a few years, then attended a pen and paper game a couple of years later for one night.  Didn't really get back into it until i was 25 and have been playing ever since.  Larping was at Chislehurst Caves and woods in Sidcup.  First pen and paper would have been D&D but no idea on which version, from 25 it was a Star Wars game. What was the most memorable part of those sessions? There's been a few but one that sticks in mind the most was playing a character whos tongue had been removed.  This meant i had to act or draw out my plans when i was trying to communicate with the other party members. Why did you start GMing? I wanted to recreate some of the world from the Larp days so felt i would try and bring it to the table. How long have you been GMing? On and off for about 10 years

Hobbits Hole Needs You, you , you... in the morning, well for next rotation really

It that time again where I start gathering interest for the next rotation, so first order of play is..... Who would like to DM/GM? If you have never GM'ed, you can pop that cherry right here with the Hobbits Hole, we don't bite. To Help New and seasoned GM's here are some handy titbits: DM/GM tips and beginners guide What are the different genres and styles of Tabletop RPGs? Within RPGs what is Theme? Within RPGs what is Plot? Within a RPG what is the Setting and is it important? Making your NPC's live Running your combat in "Theatre of the Mind" a different Roleplaying experience So please get in contact with and provide a summary of what game you would like to run, and if you would be ready to run January 2022 Some games in the pipeline are: