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Interview with a GM - Andrew W

When did you first start playing RPGs and what were they? When I was teen, or possibly before then. It would probably have been D&D or Advanced D&D or Warhammer Fantasy back then. What was the most memorable part of those sessions? Building and exploring a strange world. Why did you start GMing? I really enjoy having a story that the players not only play in but can move in directions you did not foresee, creating a new story out of it. How long have you been GMing? Years and years on and off What systems have you GMed? D&D multiple editions, Warhammer Fantasy and soon Walking Dead What are the pleasures and pitfalls of GMing? Thinking on your feet, when the party inevitably does something or goes somewhere you did not think of. What was the most memorable part of the sessions you GMed? Any session where the players tackle it in new and unexpected ways.  For example an expected battle is prevented/circumvented via other means or an extremely lucky roll, that means that the

Interview with a GM - Graham

When did you first start playing RPGs and what were they? My first experience with RPGs was stumbling upon a box of RPG stuff in my Grand Parent’s attic when I was about 12. It had the first edition D&D red and blue basic/expert books, Tunnels and Trolls, Grimtooth’s book of traps and some others I forget.    I was pretty captivated by it all and I was allowed to take it all home. I read the D&D stuff and ended up running my own adventure for my younger sister and our cousins. They loved it!  I then, shortly after, started a new school and met some other students into similar stuff and we formed a club. We called it Roleplaying Club, which was rather uninspiring, and a kid into drama showed up and offered to make us a poster. He did a good job but finished it with the tag line ‘Guaranteed a Good Time’, which granted us ridicule around the school. He was rather disappointed when he finally sat down with us and realised it wasn’t a drama club.. What was the most memorable part of