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We have a home, a new home a bricks n mortar home

The roots of the Hobbits Hole Roleplaying club stretch all the way back to 1999 and has met at a number of venues across South East London before finally settling on our current home in Bromley. We now have a new home! From July when hopefully the world all opens up properly we will be back in venue kicking off a new rotation of games. Our Address Glanville Road Scout Hall, 8-10 Glanville Road, Bromley, BR2 9LW   We will meet in person there every Wednesday from 7pm to 11pm. Heating is very clever and warms up the hall within 15 minutes. Kitchen has a fridge and microwave that we are able to use if we want. Two toilets. (One with extra access).        We meet every week from 7pm-10:30pm for games and clear down by 11pm for tabletop gaming Hobbits Hole Roleplaying Club has a great mix of experienced GMs and enthusiastic players which makes for a great atmosphere.  We always try to keep an empty chair at each gaming table so if anyone wants to come to the club for a visit they are welcom
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Hobbits Hole SE London Roleplaying Club - Committee Meeting - Notes and Actions - April 2021

Date & Time:  7th April 2021 @19:00 Meeting:  Committee Meeting Venue:  Virtual via Zoom Chair:  Carol Cunningham Note taker:  Marco Curran Present Chairperson:  Carol Cunningham *CC Treasurer:  Jerrie Sharp *JS Membership Officer:  Hannah Philpot *HP Online Presence Officer:  Mark Cunningham *MJC Secretary:  Marco Curran *MC Apologies None Authorised as a true and correct record of meeting by: Carol Cunningham 11th April 2021 21:32 A1      Welcome from the Chairperson The Chair opened the meeting at 19:11 and welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the Hobbits Hole SE London Roleplaying Club Committee. Everyone was thanked for their attendance and their efforts towards supporting the club in advance of this meeting. A2    Minutes This is the initial meeting and therefore there are no previous agendas or minutes taken. A3    Treasurer's Report The Treasurer has secured a Community bank account via Lloyds that has been opened in the club name. The bank has provided Personal an

Running your combat in "Theatre of the Mind" a different Roleplaying experience

First off this is not just limited to Dungeons & Dragons, but can be applied to all systems. How To Run Narrative Combat For those used to running RPGs using a gridded battle map and miniatures, running narrative "theatre of the mind" combat can feel both terribly strange and strangely familiar. If we're used to running combat on a 5 foot per square grid, the switch to combat in the theatre of the mind can easily make us feel like something is missing. How can we really know what's going on in combat if we can't see it? The answer lies in the other two pillars of our game—exploration and interaction. We don't set up battle maps and lay out miniatures when our characters have a discussion with an NPC. We likely don't set up a big map and start counting off squares when the characters explore an ancient ruin (although we can!). We don't have visual queues when we're describing how a thief narrowly avoids a poisoned pin while attempting to disarm

Roleplaying Game? Sounds cool... but what is it?

A Roleplaying Game is a tabletop game that gives players the opportunity to take on the roles of characters. They are available in a vast variety of possible genres, including Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Superhero genres, and the possibilities are endless. Roleplaying Games can be based on anything, from your favourite novels, computer games, films or period in history to games with an original story. Roleplaying Games are usually run with 1 Game Master and 2 to 6 Players, but it’s possible to have a game session with as few as 1 Game Master and 1 Player or to have more than 6 Players join the game. Getting started with Roleplaying Usually, before beginning play, each Player creates a character or picks a pre-generated character from several available options. This gives the character a personality and background. This is supported by the character’s abilities. Most Roleplaying Games use character sheets to record specific vital statistics for each character. These are often expressed

So what's your favourite acronym?

Role Play Games are littered with acronyms from DM (or Dungeon Master) or GM (or Games Master), both of which are used interchangeably. But you can roll further up to Role Play Games, or is it Roleplay Games, or even Roleplaying Games, or Role Playing Games..... confused, yep. Well the acronym stays the same at least RPG. Then Tabletop (or is that Table Top) RPG enters from stage left, crying out ha har! You forgot me! then you have TTRPG, as why not elongate an acronym to make it longer. So with this mess kicking it all off, what other acronyms litter the game(s)? AC – Armor Class d% or d100 – A percentile die roll, either by rolling a round 100-sided die or two 10-sided dice. AoO/OA – Attack of Opportunity or Opportunity Attack AoE – Area of Effect AP – Action Points BTB – By the Book CP – Character Points Crit – Critical Hit DC – Difficulty Class nat 1 – fumble HP – Hit Points IC – In Character LoE – Line of Effect LoS – Line of Sight Metagame – Metagaming is when players discuss th

Votes are in, dun dun dunnnnnn

The Clubs Inaugural Annual General Meeting went ahead on the 26th of March. There was 3 main items Voting on the new constitution Voting on the nominated committee members Information on the shortlist of Venues so far found The meeting was held on our discord channel. The Constitution  The new constitution was voted on and with 100% of the votes, the new constitution was passed. The website has been updated with the new constitution. Committee members Chairperson With 100% of the vote, Carol was voted in as our Chairperson Treasurer With 100% of the vote, Jerrie Sharp was voted in as our Treasurer Secretary With 100% of the vote, Marco was voted in as our Secretary Online Presence Officer With 60% of the vote, Mark C was voted in as our Online Presence Officer Membership Officer With 88.9% of the vote, Hannah was voted in as our Membership Officer Shortlist of Venues  We would be looking to be in a venue by June/July, with that in mind we reached out to over 20 venues, so far 4 have re

The Clubs inaugural Annual General Meeting date announced

The Clubs inaugural Annual General Meeting was announced via email to its members. 26th March starting 7pm on our discord channel. The first part will be voting on the Constitution (attached in the emails). The second part will be voting in your committee for the club. There are 5 roles Chair Secretary Treasurer Online Presence Officer Membership Officer We have had very limited responses for nominations (4 responses, 2 of which are none). Please look inside yourself and see if you would like to nominate yourself for a position on the committee. You can nominate yourself for one or more of the positions, as the way the voting will go we will be voting in each position individually. Then the person who gained that position is removed from the voting list for the other positions, this way there are no wasted votes.