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Who is in what game for August Rotation

August to November Rotation Call of Cthulhu GM: Andy Chris J Daniel Cook David H Julian W Kat Neil Eve of Ruin GM: Marco Freddie M Helen H James W Mark C Richard C Shaun P Two Minutes to Midnight GM: Ben Adam Daniel Collins George F Jerrie C Jon K Matt DLP Ravenloft GM: Graham Andrew W Em Jason Jo finch Richard T Aerosian Nights GM: Saif Douglas Liam Michelle S Rosie A Simon William P

Draft Constitution Released

  It has been emailed to all members, the Draft Constitution and date for the inaugural Annual General Meeting where this Constitution will be voted on and, if agreed, then Committee members will be voted in. Exciting times

An Acorns life

 In the land of sundried tomatoes, lives an acorn who wishes to be a tree. The Acorn is happily growing from its branch, as its time will come, when it can be tree. As the months progress it swells and grows, it is ripe n ready for its time. Finally its time came, and it sprung free from its bond to the tree, free to grow further and independent of the tree, free to reach up to its potential. Hitting the ground it landed softly in a bed of leaves. My time is here, I must show them I can be tree. When suddenly a squirrel came along and stuffed the acorn into its gob and chowed down on it. For the Acorn was not to be a tree, the Acorn was to be squirrel shit.

About The Hobbits Hole Roleplaying Club in South East London

Roleplaying in South East London since 1999 The Hobbits Hole Roleplaying club was founded back in 1999 in South East London when a regular group of role-players from the South East London Wargames Group (SELWG) decided to setup their own club dedicated to Roleplaying Games. Carol aka "The Hobbit" found our first venue, the Ringway Centre, in Grove Park and the The Hobbit's Hole was formed. Ringway centre years For a few years the Hobbits Hole RPG club ran several games each Friday night at the Ringway centre, usually 2 or 3 games at once each night. Games such as Palladium Fantasy, Alternity, Steve Jackson's GURPS and many other home brewed systems created by club members. The centre was great and we continued to grow in numbers as new people joined by word of mouth and soon realised that we had outgrown the venue and needed somewhere larger. Linda, another founding member, in 2003 found a replacement hall in the Coldharbour Community Hall. Coldharbour Community Hall

The curse of the coffin

Three men, Gary, Dan, and Job, grew up together as best friends. They dreamed of one day becoming rich and would do anything to attain wealth. One day, as they were sitting in the local bar, they overheard another group of men discussing the long lost buried treasure of Captain Sleazybeard. The three friends agree that this is their chance to make it big and decide to go together to find this treasure. After searching for months deep in the jungle, they come across a cave that they are certain contains the treasure. There are many traps within the cave: poisoned arrows, moats of crocodiles, pits of fire, and rolling boulders, but the three friends are determined to get their wealth. Finally, they reach the deepest part of the cave and it is *filled* with treasure: gold, diamonds, rubies, and more! In the center of the cave is a large sepulchre with the words of a strange language written across it and depictions of death and suffering all along its sides. The three friends paid it no h

Interim Committee meet

Interim Committee meet: Constitution Update Interim Committee met to thrash out the new constitution. Words were amended, Words were added, looking in a much better shape now to be shared by target end of month.

Interim Committee meet: Constitution redrafted

 Interim Committee meet: Constitution redrafted After a bit of work and comments on a live doc, the Interim Committee met to thrash out the new constitution. Loads of words were amended, loads of words were added, loads of words were removed, comments talked through and wording agreed. Looking in a much better shape now for a final thrash through.