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The Future

With December to March Rotation locked in now, what does the future bring? December 2023 rotation Last Rite of Seafire D&D by George Advanced Fighting Fantasy by Joe Mix by Andrew W and Richard T Village of Hommlet OSE by Graham The Last Hurrah D&D 5e by Helen Future Rotations WFRP campaign by Chris MG2e Traveller game by Richard T medley of indie story games ("The Indie Dozen") by James Star wars edge of the empire game by Shaun Fading Suns by Mareen Hard to Bard D&D 5e by Mark C ??? by Ben Ravenloft (1983) with OSE/AD&D by Graham Others in the mix but no rotation identified or selected Game Master  Jo F Dark Heresy 2e - Harrlock's Legacy Dredd Mouseguard Forbidden Lands Game Master  Dan C Dark Heresy 2e D&D 5e Game Master Richard T D&D 5e - Wild beyond the Witchlight D&D 5e - Theros System Star Wars - Scum and Villainy Game Master  Richard C D&D 5e - Isle of the dreaded accursed D&D 5e - North Hammer SAGA Game Master  Mark C Era: Ch

An Interview with a GM - Richard T

When did you first start playing RPGs and what were they?

Probably when i was around 10 with a friend whose father had the old Traveller little black books and Warhammer fantasy roleplay. Also a bit of D&D 4E at university.

What was the most memorable part of those sessions?

It’s a long time ago now but i think it was a combination of it just being the two of us and the extreme lethality of Warhammer!

Why did you start GMing?

Lots of reasons! I wanted to play some of the 2D6 games that others weren’t GMing, I love the rules for building sectors and worlds in Traveller (especially combined with some of the Stars Without Number ideas), and because i’ve been at the club for a couple of years now so it felt like it was time to give it a go!

How long have you been GMing?

This will be my first time other than running a small D&D one shot for a couple of friends.

What systems have you GMed?

Only D&D 5e before, but i’m looking forward to running some 2D6 systems.

What are the pleasures and pitfalls of GMing?

Ask again in April!

What was the most memorable part of the sessions you GMed?

In the one-shot i ran, the adventure planned for the players to find and kill a waterdrake. However, when they met it and i took another look at the stats i realised the waterdrake was intelligent enough to speak and one of the players spoke Draconic. What was going to be a quick fight quickly swung into a rescue operation to repatriate the waterdrake to its home in a distant swamp!

What is your current game about?

I don’t want to give too much away but i can say that it will see the players starting in ancient Rhodes in mythological Greece before starting on a series of adventures.
It’s using the Sword of Cepheus system which uses a minigame for character creation where you roll up their lives up to the start of the game. We then work together to integrate these backstories. It’s a really exciting way to organically develop characters and backstories that work together.

What do you get out of GMing?

Ask again in April!


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