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Votes are in, dun dun dunnnnnn

The Clubs Inaugural Annual General Meeting went ahead on the 26th of March.

There was 3 main items

  1. Voting on the new constitution
  2. Voting on the nominated committee members
  3. Information on the shortlist of Venues so far found

The meeting was held on our discord channel.

The Constitution 

The new constitution was voted on and with 100% of the votes, the new constitution was passed.

The website has been updated with the new constitution.

Committee members


With 100% of the vote, Carol was voted in as our Chairperson


With 100% of the vote, Jerrie Sharp was voted in as our Treasurer


With 100% of the vote, Marco was voted in as our Secretary

Online Presence Officer

With 60% of the vote, Mark C was voted in as our Online Presence Officer

Membership Officer

With 88.9% of the vote, Hannah was voted in as our Membership Officer

Shortlist of Venues 

We would be looking to be in a venue by June/July, with that in mind we reached out to over 20 venues, so far 4 have responded.

We have 3 venues so far that have provided a price for Friday nights and 2 venues for Wednesday night.

There are pros and cons with each.

On price alone there are two front runners.

3rd Bromley Scouts Hall
8-10 Glanville Rd,

Bexley Park Sports and Social Club
Calvert Drive,
Bexley Park

Please review the following document to compare the offerings, also if you have alternative venues please let us know.


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