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Members Blogs

 As well as this blog which is updates and info from the Hobbits Hole itself. There are a few blogs that our members have themselves:

Girls in RPGs

A blog by a girl! shock horror! yep and its quite a cool read (especially as I badgered her into starting one ๐Ÿ˜)

Gaming and Geekery

This is a blog by Simon Hibbs about his gaming and geeky thoughts and musings.

Knights and Castles

This is a blog by Freddie about Knights and Castles, a collection of stories about famous German knights, castles and the legends, myths and sagas which surround them.

Role Play Games: sessions from a Mad man

This is my (Mark) personal RPG blog, atm the moment mainly for formulating the sessions I GM into an ongoing story, so things can be re-referenced (and or spikes my memory of bits I forgot to write about).

Been pondering writing other bits about RPGs, but well we will see..

The Aggregator

These along with this blog are aggregated to show on out website:

So if you fancy being a member of Hobbits Hole, check us out at, or if you are a member of hobbits hole and have a blog you would like included in our aggregator, shout out please.


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