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Interview with a GM - Andrew W

When did you first start playing RPGs and what were they? When I was teen, or possibly before then. It would probably have been D&D or Advanced D&D or Warhammer Fantasy back then. What was the most memorable part of those sessions? Building and exploring a strange world. Why did you start GMing? I really enjoy having a story that the players not only play in but can move in directions you did not foresee, creating a new story out of it. How long have you been GMing? Years and years on and off What systems have you GMed? D&D multiple editions, Warhammer Fantasy and soon Walking Dead What are the pleasures and pitfalls of GMing? Thinking on your feet, when the party inevitably does something or goes somewhere you did not think of. What was the most memorable part of the sessions you GMed? Any session where the players tackle it in new and unexpected ways.  For example an expected battle is prevented/circumvented via other means or an extremely lucky roll, that means that the

Hobbits Hole SE London Roleplaying Club Committee Meeting Notes and Actions May 2021

Date & Time:  12th May 2021 @19:00
Meeting: Committee Meeting
Venue:  Virtual via Zoom
Chair: Carol Cunningham
Note taker: Marco Curran
  1. Chairperson: Carol Cunningham *CC
  2. Treasurer: Jerrie Sharp *JS
  3. Membership Officer: Hannah Philpot *HP
  4. Online Presence Officer: Mark Cunningham *MJC
  5. Secretary: Marco Curran *MC
  • None
Authorised as a true and correct record of meeting by:
Carol Cunningham
31st May 2021 16:02

A1   Welcome from the Chairperson

The Chair opened the meeting at 19:05 and welcomed everyone to the Hobbits Hole SE London Roleplaying Club Committee. Everyone was thanked for their attendance.

A2    Minutes

Minutes of last meeting:
There were no corrections raised by the committee.

Actions arising from last meeting:
  • Action 1: The Secretary shared the Just Giving page on behalf of the Treasurer
  • Action 2: The Secretary added an agenda point regarding the quarterly newsletter
  • Action 3: The OPO created a section on the club website for quarterly newsletters
  • Action 4: The Secretary shared links with Club Members to review pages.
  • Action 5: The MO provided the Treasurer with a range of costings to fund the Club promotion/recruitment.

A3    Treasurer's Report

Financial update

The Treasurer reported that we were in a good financial position with £470 in the bank made up of donations added to the Hobbits Hole JustGiving page. This will be used as follows:
  • £300 of this will be used to cover the first quarter’s rent at our new home at the Scout Hall in Bromley.
  • The OPO will be reimbursed for the money he has spent setting up the Club’s online presence.
  • 80% of the remainder will be given to the MO to assist with the recruitment campaign with the final 20% plus any additional donations kept back for emergencies.
The Treasurer reported that, now we know the cost of the Hall and the current number of members, the cost of membership will be as follows:
  • Annual: £85
  • Weekly: £2
The Annual payments will be pro rata’s until April 2022 so the cost for members for this year will be £64. Weekly members will remain as £2. The hope is that a cashless system will be available to all to pay this.

The Treasurer confirmed that as membership increases, the aspiration is to lower these prices. This will be assessed in April of each year.

Online membership was agreed to remain free but to allow an online member voting rights (and to generally support the club) a nominal payment of £10 per year would be required.

Confirmation of required purchases

It was confirmed that, following advice and requests from members, the £200 grant that had been obtained for the Club will now be spent on safety equipment for the Club plus equipment and consumables for Club members to use. These will be distributed on the Club’s opening night


Committee members were asked to supply their contributions to the HH newsletter so that it can be completed in time for the Club’s return to in person gaming in July. In addition to this, a club member has suggested a starter flyer giving any new members an introduction to the club. It was agreed that a physical newsletter could be used that would achieve both these aims.

Action 1:

  • Chair, OPO and MO to provide short articles for the newsletter:
  • Chair: Welcome to the Club/Hall
  • OPO: 2 paragraphs on Online Presence update
  • MO: 2 Paragraphs on Membership and recruiting

Action 2:

Treasurer to produce Newsletter in time for Club Launch

Action 3:

Secretary to confirm payment details to Treasurer for 1st Quarter’s rent

Action 4:

Treasurer to provide payment method options to Members

A4    Online Presence Officer's Report

Online Presence Report

Website/Social Media Update

  • The OPO confirmed that all details of the games for the new rotation are now online and available for people to sign up to.
  • The OPO demonstrated the new online game sign up feature which will improve support across all games in each rotation. This will be used for the next rotation starting in July.
  • The OPO confirmed that rankings continue to improve.

Action 5:

Secretary to get mail from hall and pass onto OPO

A5    Membership Officer Report

Members Update

It was agreed that our newest Member, Noah had fast become a great club member and can now be considered a full member. A new member pack will be created and passed on in due course.

The MO provided a list of various avenues she is pursuing to recruit new members.
  • Community message boards (clubs, newsagents, supermarkets etc) were deemed to be cost effective.
  • MeetUp, though pricy was considered to offer value for money as many current members joined the club through this method
  • Newspaper ads were found to be expensive and Committee agreed, not worth the money.
  • FreeAds/Craigslist etc are also being considered
  • Online ads (FB/Instagram etc) are currently under investigation
  • WarBoar are being spoken to with a view to offering some mutual support and advertising
It was stated that a simple design for flyers would be created to put on Community boards. The OPO offered to provide a QR code to add to the flyers to give people direct access to our website. The Committee agreed to help the MO with the distribution of flyers.

The MO also hoped to add additional events between rotations to drum up new interest.
  • Bring a friend day
  • Trial days (One shots)
  • International TableTop day
  • Scout day (to gain their D&D badge)
  • Cake sale

Action 6:

MO and Treasurer to produce new Members pack

Action 7:

MO to provide the Treasurer with a range of costings to fund the Club promotion/recruitment.

Action 8:

MO to task Committee members as required to distribute flyers

Action 9:

OPO to provide QR code for MO to add to flyers

Action 10:

MO to make decision on MeetUp drive by June

A6    Secretary Report


The Hall has remained shut so it has not been possible to pick up the Club’s mail. It is reopening in Mid-May and the Secretary will speak to the Scout Master about getting access after that date.

Hall Update

  • It has been agreed with the Hall that our rent will be paid quarterly in advance with the first payment due in the second half of June. As stated earlier, the first payment will be covered by our fundraising.
  • The Hall has purchased more tables and now 10 will be available for our use in July
  • Our own hall keys will be provided once the new Front Door has been installed

A7    Any Other Business

Scout Logo

  • The Secretary was asked to see if the Scouts would like their logo advertised on our website.

Action 11:

Secretary to speak to Scout Master

Suggestion Box

  • There were four points in the box:
  1. Do we want the Annual Trophy to continue at all?
  2. Do we want the Trophy to change to an award style ceremony (best player/GM etc)?
    For the above two points the Committee felt this was a good source of camaraderie and so agreed that it should continue in its current form for now.
  3. Should Online member rights be added to the Constitution?
    It was agreed that minor adjustments were needed to incorporate Online Membership. An SGM will be called in due course
  4. Split membership fee from venue fee.
    This has been covered by the Fee structure outlined by the Treasurer.

Action 12:

Secretary to add Suggestion Box to main Agenda points

Action 13:

Secretary to remind Members about fund raising page

Action 14:

Secretary to remind Members about Suggestions Box

Action 15:

Secretary to give notice of SGM to add Online Membership details to Constitution

Action 16:

Secretary to ask Members to add reviews

A8    Date and Time of the next Committee Meeting

  • Currently the Committee will be meeting once every month up until the first week of July 2021.
  • The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 9th June 2021 at 19:00

Invitees and attendees of this meeting should be aware that the minutes of this meeting, inclusive of names, may be made publicly available under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Environmental Information Regulations 2004, or the Data Protection Act 1998.

Must be RACI compliant (RACI - Responsible, Accountable (one person), Consultation, Information


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