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The Future

With December to March Rotation locked in now, what does the future bring? December 2023 rotation Last Rite of Seafire D&D by George Advanced Fighting Fantasy by Joe Mix by Andrew W and Richard T Village of Hommlet OSE by Graham The Last Hurrah D&D 5e by Helen Future Rotations WFRP campaign by Chris MG2e Traveller game by Richard T medley of indie story games ("The Indie Dozen") by James Star wars edge of the empire game by Shaun Fading Suns by Mareen Hard to Bard D&D 5e by Mark C ??? by Ben Ravenloft (1983) with OSE/AD&D by Graham Others in the mix but no rotation identified or selected Game Master  Jo F Dark Heresy 2e - Harrlock's Legacy Dredd Mouseguard Forbidden Lands Game Master  Dan C Dark Heresy 2e D&D 5e Game Master Richard T D&D 5e - Wild beyond the Witchlight D&D 5e - Theros System Star Wars - Scum and Villainy Game Master  Richard C D&D 5e - Isle of the dreaded accursed D&D 5e - North Hammer SAGA Game Master  Mark C Era: Ch

Interview with a GM - Jerrie

Hi Jerrie, as one of the three GMs for the inaugural games in venue, I thought of a bit of a mini interview on you.

When did you first start playing RPGs and what were they?

I have always been a video game RPG player but table top from 16.

I played abit of 3.5 D&D and abit of dark heresy. I also tried stars without numbers and a few small indie titles.

What was the most memorable part of those sessions

Mostly just having fun with my friends, really only two of us knew how to play but pizza mostly and

That feeling you get as you roll for something really important!

Why did you start GMing?

I had lots of game ideas and wanted to try them out. My friends were guineapigs basically.

I had some puzzles I wanted to try but then got hooked.

How long have you been GMing?

I GMed my first game about 6 years ago, it was a E5 D&D game. I joined the club shortly after.

What systems have you GMed?

Dark Heresy, dungeon world, D&D 3.5 and 5th edition and stars without numbers.

What are the pleasures and pitfalls of GMing?

Lots of pleasures, such as when a game works and a group works it's a brilliant feeling bringing people together.

Pitfalls are dealing with problematic players or people not engaging how you think they would, its also a time consuming effort.

Worth it though.

What was the most memorable part of the sessions you GMed?

I once GMed stars without numbers at the club and the group went off track early on and spoke to a mystery man in the bar (he was there for atmosphere only) anyway they went on an adventure to get this guys spaceship back… long story short 3 years on and the players still solute me with a stupid hand gesture made up on that night!

What is your current game about?

The Moon under water is about some legendary heroes from across the lands having to put their egos aside to work together to save the world!

It's about a great evil threatening the peoples way of life and finding clever solutions to the plagues that are effecting the waters, the sky and the land respectively.

Its also about fighting for a greater good and deciding what matters most. Its also about glory and good old fashion battling!

What do you get out of GMing?

I really enjoy watching a groups dynamic change and grow over the sessions as their character changes. I love seeing peoples plans form and love seeing clever decisions (that I have not thought of.) I really enjoy being caught off guard. I also love giving people a challenge including puzzles and battles.

Thank You Jerrie, counting the days till the 7th when face to face RPGs can resume.


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