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First Night Back!

I got excited last week when the giant scissors we ordered arrived! I was nervous coming back to real world gaming and even more on edge as its the first game I have GMed in a very long time but i'm please to say it went better than could be expected! 

A big thank you to everyone who came in, geled their hands and made last night fantastic! 


Apparently we do... 
Which means we was a few people short last night and hopefully next week we will see all three tables full but I really enjoyed eating cup cakes (Thank you richard) and giving out goodie bags (Thank you Foresters.) 

As for the game! I was very nervous and even though I had wrote the story I kept having to refer to my own notes! Can't wait to see where this rag-tag bag of high level heroes end up! 
A centaur, An elf, A warforge and a dark elf walk into a bar... 
the bartender says well we don't often see your kind around here! 



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