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Who is in what game for April Rotation

The One Ring GM: Andy  Andrew W  Graham W Jo F Kat  Will L Traveller  GM: Richard T  Callum   Chris J  Freddie M Helen H Neil  Hard to be the Bard  GM: Mark  David H Lucas M Matt  Richard C  William P  Star Trek Adventures  GM: Liam  Daniel  George  Jon Kasama  Mareen  Simon Hibbs  Star Wars Edge of the Empire  GM: Shaun  Benjamin C Em  Jason  Saif

Online Games - anniversary of Empowered

I have been running Era: Empowered for just over 1 year online now.
Over the year the number of players each session has flexed up and down, with a maximum of 6 player a minimum of 2, but typically 4 players.

We have even had drop in players from time to time who try it out for a session or more.

So what is Era: Empowered?

Well Era is the system behind multiple Shades of Vengeance RPGs, with each type bringing a different flavour to the core system, from Kinetic abilities, Artifacts, Fear, Terror and with Empowered - super powers.

It is a D10 system, that you use your abilities and skills to determine the number of dice you roll. Beat the threshold and you have successes, the more success the better the outcome, but be careful of ones, as they are failures and can limit your outcome, also if your ones outnumber your successes you fumble.. Think Critical Failures..

So what about the game.

The team either arrived in Ibidan or were born there, in a time where being Empowered was illegal.
The newspaper hates them, to the point of spewing venom at them.
But they have a friend in the force - Captain Franks, who the team help him clean up the City of corrupt cops, also finding and dealing with other villain's, slowly making a name for themselves, as "heros"

So far their exploits have seen them on TV, blowing up buildings, fighting crime and corruption, blowing up more buildings, treating with Atlantians, fighting a plague of rats lead by the Rat King, fighting costumed charaters, trying to help, then fighting then killing Mutants, Mobsters, Dinosaurs and being constantly thwarted by the mental villan Mastermind.

Oh yes the team faced off against a T-Rex, while they were caught in a time bomb that sent them back to the Cretaceous period!

All while keeping their identity hidden!

This is in the first few months of their arrival....
What will happen next, only time a good sofa and a little lotion will tell..

Some of the Players favourite parts

Some moments that stick out:

The way we ended up getting our team name. Bonedido calling me Pilates cause of a book and somehow we ended up with that as our team name.

Renegado showing his softer side when kids were involved. Up to that point Christian had only seen him not give a toss about much.

Bonedido almost getting killed by a gun, and making him rethink tactics and appreciate Christians cautiousness, allowing Christian to remove guns from existence

Christian shocking his team and making them view him in a different light when he eliminated the T-rex with a mere touch. This was also a turning point for Christian when he started to relax his no kill orders, turning slightly darker than he was previously.

When the team where able to gain some pet bears during their cretaceous period making that area somewhat easier to traverse as we had some mighty backup. And then being bummed out we couldn’t bring our new pets back with us.

Renegado curb stomping Trixies head and Bonedido killing Trick/Treat in front of Live TV.

Richard C

One favorite parts of empowered was when I blew up the rat shaft with the gas cylinder and the cylinder ended up in the roof of the cop shop.

tbh i have no idea if that's how it went but that's how i remember it lol


I Loved that we got our team name in the first session from Christians (aka Blowouts) book he was reading on the train into Ibidan, 1 year later and still the same team name. 
Team Pilates Rocks


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